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सभ खेलों के Result 15 मिनट पहले देखने के लिए हाँ क्लिक कें। 👉 SATTA KING 👈 इस साइट प सबसे पहले Result देखें, अभी क्लिक करें।

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04-Dec-2023 05:28 AM

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Satta king Desawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad Today's result

Satta King Record Chart Dec-2023

01 98 44 XX 88 16 27
01 51 78 XX 38 39 96
02 39 97 85 56 60 15
02 20 59 45 11 73 51
03 60 37 56 24 93 84
03 28 64 30 19 13 74
04 48 59 96 62 24 95
04 XX XX 16 XX XX XX
05 17 33 10 12 5 13
06 67 75 79 13 70 68
07 50 2 54 38 34 27
08 36 76 15 48 95 54
09 XX 7 39 30 84 40
10 3 68 57 4 68 31
11 46 58 3 58 99 22
12 80 32 83 47 72 3
13 58 83 96 61 13 57
14 6 95 66 59 29 16
15 92 87 29 12 65 29
16 39 51 91 69 82 96
17 10 25 83 54 97 10
18 68 95 51 54 17 85
19 25 37 95 13 56 97
20 52 81 45 3 1 71
21 31 16 93 79 19 63
22 91 88 6 43 96 6
23 65 71 93 42 52 38
24 85 64 50 61 5 94
25 79 17 65 46 24 17
26 30 42 1 24 2 33
01 XX XX XX XX 83
01 XX XX XX XX 87
02 XX XX XX XX 50
02 XX XX XX XX 87
03 XX XX XX XX 74
03 XX XX XX XX 5
04 XX XX XX XX 76
05 XX XX XX XX 56
06 XX XX XX XX 68
07 XX XX XX XX 16
08 XX XX XX XX 12
09 XX XX XX XX 16
10 XX XX XX XX 16
11 XX XX XX XX 66
12 XX XX XX XX 82
13 XX XX XX XX 16
14 XX XX XX XX 79
15 XX XX XX XX 22
16 XX XX XX XX 42
17 XX XX XX XX 96
18 XX XX XX XX 80
19 XX XX XX XX 39
20 XX XX XX XX 11
21 XX XX XX XX 51
22 XX XX XX XX 72
23 XX XX XX XX 33
24 XX XX XX XX 71
25 XX XX XX XX 58
26 XX XX XX XX 65
Date Lottery King KLYN MD Pahadganj Satta UP Ayodhya
01 XX 59 9 XX 24
01 XX 14 9 XX 75
02 XX 59 99 XX 98
02 XX 47 45 XX 50
03 XX 72 46 XX 70
03 XX 17 33 XX 69
04 XX 51 44 XX 70
05 XX 27 44 XX 67
06 XX 39 13 XX 10
07 XX 36 23 XX 57
08 XX 61 78 XX 89
09 XX 70 28 XX 45
10 XX 61 31 XX 25
11 XX 89 9 XX 25
12 XX 98 40 XX 76
13 XX 3 42 XX 30
14 XX 15 45 XX 90
15 XX 3 89 XX 44
16 XX 15 70 XX 67
17 XX 81 45 XX 59
18 XX 30 97 XX 67
19 XX 17 46 XX 36
20 XX 59 65 XX 55
21 XX 28 25 XX 89
22 XX 16 57 XX 60
23 XX 18 XX XX 26
24 XX 18 26 XX 60
25 XX 26 19 XX 45
26 XX 72 98 XX 68
Date Kalyan Delhi MLaxmi Chetak D-Day
01 59 69 13 XX
01 14 45 46 XX
02 59 9 56 XX
02 47 83 34 XX
03 72 19 72 XX
03 17 18 26 XX
04 51 16 79 XX
05 27 45 25 XX
06 39 3 96 XX
07 36 15 55 XX
08 61 56 60 XX
09 70 84 13 XX
10 61 26 5 XX
11 89 80 86 XX
12 98 76 9 XX
13 3 2 36 XX
14 15 34 23 XX
15 3 44 9 XX
16 15 69 32 XX
17 81 55 25 XX
18 30 19 22 XX
19 17 44 86 XX
20 59 57 59 XX
21 28 43 62 XX
22 16 73 56 XX
23 18 57 72 XX
24 18 37 67 XX
25 26 41 15 XX
26 72 45 XX XX
Date GL Day FRDB Day MRZP Local DL King
01 XX XX 89 91
01 XX XX 9 24
02 XX XX 27 12
02 XX XX 17 11
03 XX XX 18 12
03 XX XX 79 50
04 XX XX 68 50
05 XX XX 79 99
06 XX XX 26 27
07 XX XX 39 36
08 XX XX 90 80
09 XX XX 17 90
10 XX XX 17 90
11 XX XX 79 70
12 XX XX 97 50
13 XX XX XX 40
14 XX XX 18 12
15 XX XX 72 36
16 XX XX 97 75
17 XX XX 65 67
18 XX XX 34 96
20 XX XX 90 25
21 XX XX 63 62
22 XX XX 76 59
23 XX XX 70 17
24 XX XX 54 17
25 XX XX 37 27
26 XX XX 33 58
Date S-Dhamaka OLD TAJ DK SATTA Puskar City
01 49 45 19 65
01 30 49 57 18
02 13 19 65 85
02 81 14 49 3
03 89 44 19 97
03 18 45 71 50
04 9 56 19 1
05 45 22 18 10
06 39 74 12 37
07 36 61 43 66
08 36 34 96 23
09 49 39 19 16
10 16 6 90 45
11 45 93 90 15
12 96 93 19 45
13 XX 3 2 89
14 13 66 95 91
15 78 51 2 9
16 55 76 2 45
17 9 90 15 56
18 36 97 4 60
19 69 5 90 45
20 16 93 70 54
21 11 40 69 45
22 82 97 71 10
23 81 51 71 56
24 82 3 19 27
25 25 60 36 56
26 61 86 72 50
Date Shri Ganesh Gaziabad Day Kuber Ganesh
01 60 XX 55 XX
01 27 XX 76 XX
02 4 XX 66 XX
02 11 XX 65 XX
03 12 XX 96 XX
03 68 XX 45 XX
04 40 XX 2 XX
05 31 XX 25 XX
06 33 XX 69 XX
07 97 XX 45 XX
08 17 XX 96 XX
09 17 XX 59 XX
10 37 XX 17 XX
11 19 XX 67 XX
12 53 XX 5 XX
13 65 XX 72 XX
14 33 XX 44 XX
15 70 XX 56 XX
16 57 XX 45 XX
17 45 XX 50 XX
18 70 XX 50 XX
19 13 XX 4 XX
20 85 XX 63 XX
21 70 XX 97 XX
22 61 XX 63 XX
23 12 XX 11 XX
24 46 XX 97 XX
25 41 XX 65 XX
26 36 XX 68 XX
Date SALIMAR Dhan Laxmi GZ-Leak GL-Leak
01 21 20 XX XX
01 59 69 XX XX
02 74 56 XX XX
02 16 70 XX XX
03 55 40 XX XX
03 92 69 XX XX
04 93 5 XX XX
05 14 43 XX XX
06 52 25 XX XX
07 79 16 XX XX
08 16 55 XX XX
09 26 4 XX XX
10 47 50 XX XX
11 76 11 XX XX
12 71 50 XX XX
13 16 55 XX XX
14 58 79 XX XX
15 11 2 XX XX
16 95 46 XX XX
17 2 59 XX XX
18 4 35 XX XX
19 35 15 XX XX
20 22 43 XX XX
21 5 45 XX XX
22 77 57 XX XX
23 91 57 XX XX
24 75 90 XX XX
25 94 63 XX XX
26 18 XX XX XX
01 XX XX XX 76 84
01 XX XX XX 64 99
02 XX XX XX 29 7
02 XX XX XX 82 45
03 XX XX XX 57 48
03 XX XX XX 7 23
04 XX XX XX 91 88
05 XX XX XX 80 27
06 XX XX XX 35 8
07 XX XX XX 68 XX
08 XX XX XX XX 15
09 XX XX XX 15 50
10 XX XX XX XX 44
11 XX XX XX 89 13
12 XX XX XX 32 37
13 XX XX XX 34 51
14 XX XX XX 18 24
15 XX XX XX 43 18
16 XX XX XX 83 59
17 XX XX XX 78 88
18 XX XX XX 36 72
19 XX XX XX 81 21
20 XX XX XX 44 5
21 XX XX XX 23 86
22 XX XX XX 9 99
23 XX XX XX 89 47
24 XX XX XX 11 38
25 XX XX XX 59 XX
26 XX XX XX 50 11

आज की लीक जोडी


Do you want to earn quick money? Are you interested in playing online games? If you are interested, then you are exactly in the right place. We are going to discuss an interesting game named Satta King which can change your future all of a sudden. Are you interested to know the details of the games? So, let's not waste any more time and look at the rules and regulations of the Satta King games. It is a highly demanding game as people can earn good money.


Satta King is not a new game. It was played in the rural parts of India for ages. We have already stated that it is a lottery and gambling game. If your fate is with you then you can win a large sum of money. On the other hand, if your fate is not with you, then sorry to inform you that you may lose whatever possession you have. It is a game which is totally dependent on your fate. The most important thing of the game is that you can't predict what will happen to you. You might be a victor or a loser.

The game was played offline in the era of the 1990s. The village boys used to gather and place the pot and hit stones there. The game became popular from there. Moreover, it was researched and found that the street boys became addicted to it. From there, the game is said to be a gamble. Reports say that some people have to lose all their money, cars, houses and are suffering from debt.


Satta king is a satta game which is played by the satta players across the country by online and offline method. If we talk about the offline methods, then there was a big and round shaped pot. It was numbered from 1 to 100. The numbers were put in the pot and any one number was taken out from the pot. If the number of the satta king player somehow matches with that number then the satta king player will gain the amount of money. There are various numbers from 1 to 100 in the satta king game.

The company will announce one number by the on which you have put the number, if your number somewhat matches with the number that the corporation had announced then you will get 90 times the amount of money you have donated. For instance, if you have invested 1000 rupees and by chance, if you win then you will get 90 times of what you have investment. Every company has its laws and prices. Some organizations also give the 80 to the rate and some give 90 to the rate. Now, here also your luck matters. However, whether it is 80 or 90, doesn't matter. The main thing is that you can win money. You have to be very fortunate in the satta king game to win. There are a lot of companies in the satta king market but the popular satta king companies are in places like Faridabad, Agra, Ghaziabad, Gali. In this game, one can't predict what would happen to them.

The Desawar Satta king game is played primarily in the northern parts of India and in the entire Nepal. You can play Satta game both online as well as offline, whichever suits you. In the case of offline, you can play through khaiwals available to you and you can play online by reaching the people whose contact numbers are with you. Contact them and start playing. One should be cautious of extortion. You should play games only with a trusted person.


Satta King is a game which is gambling. It involves gambling and people can lose their belongings in a few moments. On the other hand, if you are lucky then you can get all your desires fulfilled. However, for those who have lost all their belongings, what would happen to them? The company is not going to give them any chance of losing. Gambling is strictly restricted in the USA and other countries. However, in the case of India, the government is taking strict actions to ban all these gamblings. Previously, the street boys used to play the games in the street by wasting their time. The police came and stopped them from playing such games.

Now, everybody plays online. The police can't keep proper track of who is playing and how they are winning money. However, in my opinion, if anybody wants to win money, then it is better to go for a small amount. If you lose a small amount, then it would not affect you. If you deal with a high amount and lose everything, then how frustrating it would be!


There are no such rules for the games. Just follow some of the basic rules. There will be a big matka, and in it there will be many numbers. On the other hand, you will be also given various numbers. The company will announce the number. If you see that your number is matching with the number, then you hit the jackpot.

There are some tricks which would help you to win properly. When you have won a great number, then it is better to stop. Don't try to take the risk of winning more money. Sometimes it happens that people expect to win more and in that deal more. The result and effect are you might lose all your money. When you have earned a lot, stop there. View your Satta King results and then you can know how much you are winning.


There are only a few prerequisites which are needed for you to play the game. Things are stated below. A laptop or a desktop with a strong internet connection. If the connection gets interrupted, then there will be a total loss of money and time.

Secondly, you have to provide your bank details. If you win money, then automatically the money will be transferred to your account. On the other hand, if you lose the game, then the money will be debited from your account.

Thirdly, there is no need to have any partner. You can play the game alone. The best part is that you can play the game at any time of the day. There is no time restriction.

You can play Satta games offline and as well as online. To play Satta online or offline you have to reach your nearby khailawal/bookie, and there are also good advantages. You can survey all Satta results online on the internet so this is a good game to play and receive real money. At the same time, remember that it is also very hazardous and dangerous because you can also lose money within a few seconds.


We have given almost all the relevant and important information regarding the Satta King Game. If you like then you can view the Satta King today results. In the result, you can view the winner's name. We must tell you that there are various kinds of games in the name of Satta King. Follow all the rules and regulations. Though it is only played if you concentrate on the game and if your fate is with you then nothing will obstruct you from winning the jackpot. Previously it was played offline, nowadays everybody likes to play online.


SATTA KING is someone who plays the notoriously popular SATTA MATKA game very well and always win. You can be a SATTA KING as well. Stay ahead of the game, we provide SATTA KING Results and Leak Satta No before everyone else. For SATTA Matka result , chart and number for Desawar, Gali, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad check our website daily. Previous record chart of the games will also help you draw winning numbers, you can find record charts and numerology advice on drawing winning Satta Matka numbers in our site. Another important thing is drawing numbers regularly. Practice plays as much of a role as luck in the game of Satta King. New to the game?

Here how Satta Matka is played:

Step 1 : Pick any 3 numbers from 0 to 9 For e.g.: LetтАЩs say that the first random numbers you picked from 0-9 are 5,3, and 6.

Step 2: Now, to make it more interesting the chosen numbers have to be added. Just to spice things up in the game, the chosen numbers are added. For e.g.: Here, the chose numbers are 5,3, and 6 and they are added ( 5+3+6=14). Now, you have to keep the last number from the result sum, which is 4.

Step 3: As per the example above, your first draw would be 5,3,6*4.

You will also have to draw a second set of numbers through the same process as above. Can you really make good money playing Satta King or Satta Matka? Yes! Say you put a wager of 10RS. Now, if you pick the first right number, you will win 90 x 10=RS900 If the second number you have picked is drawn then you will win 90 x 10=RS900. Now, if you choose the correct Satta King Jodi (the correct center number) and the primary number right, you will win 90 x 10= RS900 The higher your wager, the more you can make! The game of Satta King ( Satta Matka) can now easily be played online! You can draw numbers and get Desawar, Gali, Faridabad, Ghaziabad Satta Result and Chart with us. We provide live Satta Matka results. How to play Satta King (Satta Matka) Game offline or online? The game is mostly centered in the state of Maharastra. So, if you live anywhere near Desawar, Gali, Faridabad, Ghaziabad then there are little shops, every 5 km or so, where you can go and draw numbers from a bookie and ask what games are available.


Here a little history of Satta King on Satta King or the Satta King Game: Satta King is not a new game. This lottery game originated before the independence of India. It originally involved betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton transmitted from New York Cotton Exchange to Bombay Cotton Exchange, via teleprinters. Knowing the Game will not change your Fate, You must understand the Satta King Game & should have that eager to spend time & efforts. Satta King is the word which has got so popular in recent days. You will find us whenever you search "Satta King" in Google after then you have to click on the Link & you will lead to My website. New York Cotton Exchange stopped the practice in 1961, so the punters began looking for other creative ways to keep the Satta Matka business alive.

For quite a while, two of the nation's top Satta King spill games have played Gali and Ghaziabad. These two games can be found at Satta marketplace in any of the Khaiwals. Gali and Ghaziabad Satta King track down results because of their prevalence on any Satta King site. As a matter of fact, it is very direct to come by the outcomes and to record the outlines for Satta King Bazaar's four top matches - Desawar, Gali, Ghaziabad and Faridabad.

Furthermore, every Satta King Website has a record chart for this game, which is generally contained in this and last year's Satta chart.All over the world, of ways. A two digit satta result shows up and opens at a predefined time. The victor in the Satellite King's competition is known as the Satellite outcome. Every one of the aftereffects of the Satta lord game can be tracked down on any site of the Satta ruler. The Satta result is coordinated appropriately on each page of the King's site, as a wellspring of traffic to any site.There are numerous components and guidelines in this game, and this is a game in view of possibility. You need to choose a graph from one to another hundred to begin with. These numbers are likewise isolated into games by an expression called Jodi. There's discussion of the fundamental game. You then, at that point, pick a number from 1 to 100 and inform your bookie.

Win Money and Prizes through Satta King Game

Most individuals trust that assuming they bet, they would win, yet this isn't true. He loses such a lot of cash on this sporting action that he loses all that and is obliterated. Since in this game, one out of each and every 100 individuals scores sweepstakes. Assuming you wish to set aside cash, the Satta King group additionally picks a similar amount, since, in such a case that that reach is delivered, the Satta King group will help more. Accordingly, the 99 individuals who endure are the ones in particular who lose in this game. He wastes the two his cash and his time by wagering on this game.

They can't work or bring in cash because of their condition. The individuals who bet on sports consider wagering on whether my lottery will be finished, what number will be available tomorrow, which reach is available today, and whether a number will be available the day after tomorrow. These are the main inquiries that continue to circle in his mind. What's more, following half a month, months, or years, they are totally obliterated. Assuming you're in a similar situation, in such a case, you ought to begin wagering. Subsequently, your circumstance will weaken over the long run. You could wind up penniless.As an outcome, the Indian government wishes to restrict such athletic exercises to serve humankind, so people can accomplish their maximum capacity.

There are multiple ways of turning into the satta king or increasing your possibilities of winning in the satta matka game, contingent upon your speculation. play the satta matka game first since it requires the most foreknowledge.

Many games have been produced for the numerical virtuoso who can break the following number and win the betting sum assuming the guidelines are observed. you can get all records and measurements to look at how the information was displayed in the game. In the event that you can't find your satta result or record graph, illuminate the site administrator your game name and solicit that they update the outcomes for your game too. Our site contains refreshed variants of the satta king faridabad record outline, satta king ghaziabad record chart, satta king gali record chart, and satta king desawar record chart.

Most individuals appreciate Sattamatka in light of the fact that a basic game includes speculating numbers going from 0 to 9. With just enough review and practice, anybody can turn into a Sattamatka ace. The game's notoriety comes from the earnestness with which it is played.

There are four types of Satta king game which are Satta king Gali, satta king Desawar, satta king Ghaziabad and satta king Faridabad. There has been a huge craze of people playing the Satta king game because of the rewards and money they offer.You're monetarily compensated on the off chance that you dominate the match. Dominating the match can definitely change your fortunes in a solitary evening. The game will give you the triple total. The triumphant players are the satta lords of the game. The game is called satta matka on the grounds that it incorporates a pot. An irregular number is attracted from the pot to decide the outcome. The number drawn decides the destiny of a victor on the off chance that you're sufficiently fortunate. Individuals call it Satta King because of the developing notoriety of the game.A least sum is expected to play this cash store game, which you get significantly increased after you dominate the match.

The Satta King game is a lottery-style game that can be played in both on the web and disconnected modes. In this game, players can bet on a determination of choices, and in the event that they win, they will get an award. This game is really unlawful, as characterized by the Satta king market, and in the event that you are discovered playing or engaged with this Satta King game, you can be captured whenever. This game is unlawful in India, and the Indian government is giving its very best to prevent individuals from playing it. Winning a Satta King match is difficult; it doesn't need specialized information and is very basic and engaging. The number is picked, and assuming you win, you will get 90% of your entire stake.

Various People can Play Satta lord simultaneously and it will be only one fortunate individual to remove all the cash.

Most people decide to play Satta king Gali online on the grounds that a lower hazard is being secured by the specialists. We are just an amusement site; we don't advance Satta or any Satta king, betting, or other criminal operations; if it's not too much trouble, really reconsider participating in these exercises; they might be unlawful in your country. Try not to be ravenous for cash, and do nothing unlawful.

Since playing Satta King through online mode is straightforward, you ought to do as such. The web-based world may be a magnificent decision for you if you have any desire to play Satta ruler without managing the specialists. since finding an examiner in the web-based world can be troublesome. Notwithstanding, we should inform you that this game is illegal. Getting a Satta Result rapidly is definitely not a significant arrangement in the present web based climate. There are various sites that deal with live satta results on their entryways. You might find the speediest gali, disawar, faridabad, ghaziabad, and so on results on these sites.

Essentially look for "satta result," "gali result," "disawar result," "faridabad result," or "gaziabad result" on Google to get to the live satta results immediately. All you want is a triumphant number to benefit from the Satta King game. This amount can't be determined numerically. Individuals basically make their expectations in light of authentic Satta King record outlines for any game. Thus, they play a great deal of numbers on the double. There are various bookmakers that, as per their computations, sell the players their projected numbers (Satta results). For this, they need a high expense. Nonetheless, there isn't an assurance that their number will be the victor.Additionally, in view of their related knowledge, they make taught gauges, which much of the time lead to the legitimate Satta results.

Satta Matka bettors anticipated that their selection of the winning number would result in interaction. The winner of the match becomes the Satta ruler and receives a huge reward. Most commonly, Worli matka and Kalyan matka are two varieties of matka games that are well-known on the ground. There are several reasons why people want to play this game, but the main ones are having a good time and making a considerable amount of money.

When playing the matka distraction, you need to be aware of the winning structures and use them wisely. You should be aware of the proper and effective process to end the winning streak, regardless of the game mode they are allowed to play. Making the appropriate determined decision ensures your prosperity for a considerable amount of time. The finest daily routine that all matka game players should adhere to is setting up target benefits in reverse. This strategy will undoubtedly let you take advantage of getting away from the situations where you should tolerate them and indulge in excessive activity. By doing this, you will lessen the risks necessary for the beguilement.

Satta King is a basic and simple game that one can play. You can play this game in any mode, both disconnected and online.To play disconnected, you should go to the Khaiwal area, and to play on the web, you should download the Satta king application. In the two modes, the technique is almost indistinguishable. You should pick a few numbers somewhere in the range of 00 and 99 and raise the bid on those numbers in a particular Satta king game like Gali, Desawar, Faridabad, or Ghaziabad. From that point onward, you should trust that the game's result will be reported. Assuming the Satta result is one of your picked numbers, you will get 90% of the offer you put before that number. As may be obvious, the strategy for playing this game is very straightforward, which adds to the game's developing fame.

Many individuals these days need to take a stab at the Satta king no less than once, which makes him dependent. Each game distributes its outcomes consistently and at a foreordained time. In Satta king, you can play any game you need and raise your bid appropriately.


Matka: Earthen pots that were used for drawing numbers, Single: Any digit from 0-9, Pair/Jodi: Any two digit pair from 00 to 99, Panna/Patti: Any three digit number, Open result/close result: the outcome of Satta Matka betting Berij: It is the last digit of the Jodi/pairтАЩs sum. How popular is the SattaKing today? It has a huge following and the game is still immensely popular. However, there have been many changes as well. You can now watch all Satta Matka King games online, see the past records, draw numbers and follow live results on various Satta Matka websites. You can also get Leak Satta no. and get expert advice on drawing winning numbers.


There are only 4 games that are played at present and they are: Satta King Disawar, Satta King Ghaziabad, Satta King Faridabad, and Satta King Gali. Incredibly, you have browsed the entire article. We are sure that you will play this game once in your lifetime. However, there are lots of risks associated with the game. But I must tell you to take the risks and start playing. We are sure that you will love to play the game when you will start earning money from Satta King. Many people have cleared their debts with the winning money of Satta King. The game is earning popularity daily.


यह साइट सिर्फ और सिर्फ मनोरंजन के लिए है। हम किसी भी गलत गतिविधि को बढ़ावा नही देते। जिस राज्य में या जिस देश में सट्टा प्रतिबंधित है । वहा के लोग हमारी साइट को ब्लॉक कर दे। आप किसी भी लाभ हानि के स्वयं जिम्मेदार होंगे । प्रलोभन या लुभावने वादों पर न जाए। अपनी अकल लगाए ।

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