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Satta king Desawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad Today's result

August 18, 2020 4:03:30 AM




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Satta King Jan 2021

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad D-D Taj Delhi King
2021-01-01 XX 04 40 71 XX 51 XX
2021-01-02 88 66 12 52 XX 70 XX
2021-01-03 52 40 72 54 XX 90 XX
2021-01-04 49 34 28 32 XX 26 XX
2021-01-05 82 32 49 85 XX 59 XX
2021-01-06 00 77 16 17 XX 88 XX
2021-01-07 62 15 74 71 XX 05 XX
2021-01-08 77 36 67 36 XX 10 XX
2021-01-09 60 64 79 16 XX 74 XX
2021-01-10 37 92 71 68 XX 07 XX
2021-01-11 58 05 61 12 XX 64 XX
2021-01-12 64 06 68 04 XX 90 XX
2021-01-13 88 71 51 68 XX 97 XX
2021-01-14 49 87 02 76 XX 57 XX
2021-01-15 38 08 42 38 XX XX XX
2021-01-16 87 32 81 94 XX 94 XX
2021-01-17 22 59 17 38 XX 18 XX
2021-01-18 40 55 77 96 XX 67 XX
2021-01-19 85 47 93 97 XX 24 XX
2021-01-20 54 82 40 78 XX 62 XX

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How do you become a SATTA KING?

SATTA KING is someone who plays the notoriously popular SATTA MATKA game very well and always win. You can be a SATTA KING as well. Stay ahead of the game, we provide SATTA KING Results and Leak Satta No before everyone else. For SATTA Matka result , chart and number for Desawar, Gali, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad check our website daily. Previous record chart of the games will also help you draw winning numbers, you can find record charts and numerology advice on drawing winning Satta Matka numbers in our site. Another important thing is drawing numbers regularly. Practice plays as much of a role as luck in the game of Satta King. New to the game?

Here how Satta Matka is played:

Step 1 : Pick any 3 numbers from 0 to 9 For e.g.: LetтАЩs say that the first random numbers you picked from 0-9 are 5,3, and 6.

Step 2: Now, to make it more interesting the chosen numbers have to be added. Just to spice things up in the game, the chosen numbers are added. For e.g.: Here, the chose numbers are 5,3, and 6 and they are added ( 5+3+6=14). Now, you have to keep the last number from the result sum, which is 4.

Step 3: As per the example above, your first draw would be 5,3,6*4.

You will also have to draw a second set of numbers through the same process as above. Can you really make good money playing Satta King or Satta Matka? Yes! Say you put a wager of 10RS. Now, if you pick the first right number, you will win 90 x 10=RS900 If the second number you have picked is drawn then you will win 90 x 10=RS900. Now, if you choose the correct Satta Jodi (the correct center number) and the primary number right, you will win 90 x 10= RS900 The higher your wager, the more you can make! The game of Satta King ( Satta Matka) can now easily be played online! You can draw numbers and get Desawar, Gali, Faridabad, Ghaziabad Satta Result and Chart with us. We provide live Satta Matka results. How to play Satta King (Satta Matka) Game offline or online? The game is mostly centered in the state of Maharastra. So, if you live anywhere near Desawar, Gali, Faridabad, Ghaziabad then there are little shops, every 5 km or so, where you can go and draw numbers from a bookie and ask what games are available.

Interested about the origin of this lottery game?

Here a little history of Satta King
on Satta King or the Satta King Game: Satta King is not a new game. This lottery game originated before the independence of India. It originally involved betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton transmitted from New York Cotton Exchange to Bombay Cotton Exchange, via teleprinters. Knowing the Game will not change your Fate, You must understand the Satta King Game & should have that eager to spend time & efforts. Satta King is the word which has got so popular in recent days. You will find us whenever you search "Satta King" in Google after then you have to click on the Link & you will lead to My website. New York Cotton Exchange stopped the practice in 1961, so the punters began looking for other creative ways to keep the Satta Matka business alive.

Here are some Satta King jargons and what they mean:

Matka: Earthen pots that were used for drawing numbers
Single: Any digit from 0-9
Pair/Jodi: Any two digit pair from 00 to 99
Panna/Patti: Any three digit number
Open result/close result: the outcome of Satta Matka betting
Berij: It is the last digit of the Jodi/pairтАЩs sum. How popular is the Satta King today?
It has a huge following and the game is still immensely popular. However, there have been many changes as well. You can now watch all Satta Matka King games online, see the past records, draw numbers and follow live results on various Satta Matka websites. You can also get Leak Satta no. and get expert advice on drawing winning numbers.

What games are available currently in Satta King?

There are only 4 games that are played at present and they are: Satta King Disawar, Satta King Ghaziabad, Satta King Faridabad, and Satta King Gali.